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Friday, May 24, 2013

Other Buildings Demolished for Northpoint Crossing

When the Plaza Hotel article was cut and re-edited, an allusion was made that I would be returning to the cut material eventually. All these buildings are gone, incorporated (well, most of them, at least) into the Northpoint Crossing development.

Represented by the 1 on the map was a gas station. It was originally a Gulf station, opening too long after the Ramada, with a garage. It was kept relatively updated, with the only known change being turned into a Chevron in the early 1990s, which gave it a re-do on the trim from red-orange tiles to the 1990s Chevron blue-and-gray. It was finally shut down in the mid-2000s and torn down circa 2007. I don't remember the garage specifically, however--it's possible that it was converted into a convenience store in the 1990s. Some older phone books refer to this as "Piper's Gulf (later "Chevron", of course) Service Center". The address of this was 420 Texas Avenue.

Courtesy "je"

2 was a mystery for me. You can see a picture here. This was 100,000 Auto Parts, which had the same address of Ramada Inn (410 Texas Avenue, which it had up to its demise).

I also recently took a picture of an old aerial of the area (so it's a bit low quality) here.

3 was built as a UtoteM convenience store, once extremely common across town and the state. It became a Circle K in 1984 with the buy-out of the chain. Later on by 2007, it became "Ink Dreams", and a few years later, "Oasis Pipes & Tobacco". The address was 1405 University Drive. I don't have the full history of the building, however. In July 2013, I discovered in 1995, it was listed as "Sterling Automotive". Since the lot of the former UtoteM is pretty small, it's likely that this was either just a showroom or the old parking lot behind it (as seen) was used for Sterling, and not for University Tower. Oasis moved to Eastgate after it was evicted.

4 was a Kettle at 1403 University Drive, dating back to at least 1980. Distinctive because the yellow and black P A N C A K E S sign, it closed sometime in the 1990s (It was open at least into 1998, so that's the date I'm going to go with) after being open since the early 1980s. While the Kettle signage disappeared several years before its demise, the PANCAKES sign (not unlike the Waffle House logo, which it's often confused with) was very distinctive.

Regarding these twoI have two Google Maps Street View photos, one from 2011 and one from 2007 (it shouldn't be too hard to tell which one is which). It also clearly shows the P A N C A K E S sign, so if you have any doubt that it was a Waffle House, you can dispel them, because we never had one and from the likes of it won't be getting one anytime soon (let's be realistic here).

Originally part of another development called North Park (and the building out of the rest of Meadowland Road), the Meadowland Apartments (6) were (likely) built in the 1980s and were owned by the same owners of University Tower at one time. I'm guessing these were closed in 2005-2006, but I don't know for sure. I believed them to be located at 701 University, but later evidence suggested that they had individual addresses per building, which I haven't found yet. Remarkably, a few still stand: I guess that Northpoint Crossing never managed to get all of them. At least one of them was demolished for the "Home2 Suites by Hilton" hotel.

As for North Park, 5 was the only remaining house left on the block, 125 Meadowland. This was taken out for the redevelopment. It looks like it had a second structure behind it: possibly additional bedrooms. I have buddies who live in Eastgate, wherein at least two live in the main house, and at least one lives in a shack behind the main house.

Finally, we have 7, a 1960s-era building has seen a few things come and go. The address was 100 Texas Avenue South.

The mid-mod building started out as the Dutch Kettle Snack Bar (*not* related to the Kettle restaurant on University) there at Hensel and Texas, and probably one of the first (if not the first) 24 hour eateries in College Station. Alas, while other 24 hours eateries benefitted from the Plaza implosion such as Fuego and Denny's, this did not, as had been closed for years (even as the donut shop, which was decidedly NOT 24 hours). Eventually, by 1990, it was a Schlotzsky's Deli location (confirmed), and from the mid-1990s up to the mid-2000s, it was "Snowflake Donuts", which closed without much notice well prior to the demolition of the area.

The leasing office for Northpoint Crossing sits here and has apparently taken the address for its own.

Not mine, originally from a Brazos County history book

There were still even more on this block...more motels, a restaurant that you may have heard of on this blog, mini-golf, and more. That can be found here

updated 11/18/13
updated 6/7/14 with 2

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Buildings of Luther Street and Wellborn Road

What a strange journey it's been for this post. I originally wrote this post way back in June 2011. After trying to bump it and the like, and realizing that were tons of errors, I figured "forget it" and removed it from the blog. But that was a while back, and I've had this in the "blog boneyard" for a bit. Then I posted it in fall of 2012, complete with a rewritten part with help from Grover Fugate, whose comment is reproduced here.

But it still just wasn't that good, and I had to fill in for something. Furthermore, Fugate's comment was far out of date--this was the 1940s that he was referring to, and I just wanted to know more about when the crossing was closed. I also wanted to know more about the Chinese food place at the corner of Luther Street and Wellborn. What I saw on a 1940s architect's map was that the place where Twin City Mission resale shop is now was a place called "Hrdlicka Café" (which I really can't be sure if I'm pronouncing correct: is it "Herd-lick-ah?"). I updated it again in July 2013 but still found errors: specifically, how Amtrak wasn't accessed through Luther Street West, so we'll get to that later.

For several months, I had a newspaper article on the closure of the crossing at Luther Street West and Wellborn, but removed it again. However, something interesting along the way, specifically how Henry Mayo wrote something for the official city blog on the same subject. It shed some more light on Hrdlicka's restaurant (the italicized paragraph below are from before this blog post came about), plus had a few other treats in store. The picture captions aren't italicized.

Now, what of this Hrdlicka Café? I got a comment from Grover Fugate in the original version of this post (seen below):
1 comment:
Grover Fugate said...
Yes Luther extended over the railroad. That road led to the dump. Right across the railroad was a beer distributor on the left. On the right was a National Guard building.
Right past the NG bldg was a place that made charcoal for a while. Maybe two hundred yards back was a pond that we played around as kids. You can get in touch with me via Anne Boykin. I would rather answer your questions via phone or a personal meeting. Ed Hrdlicka was my Grandfater. I lived in his house with my Mom and Dad. The house was right in front of the railroad crossing.
June 19, 2011 3:46 PM

Indeed, in the 1970s, there was a house there, owned by one Jack Fugate, at 801 Wellborn Road (it wasn't Wellborn Road then, it was Old Highway 6, but the addresses haven't been renumbered). Indeed, he married Marilyn Hrdlicka in 1943 and settled down to the "home place" in College Station, which was likely where her parents were (Jack grew up in Houston Heights). According to the obituary linked above (Jack passed away in 2005), he established "several businesses, including a printing company, a mom and pop store with a washateria next door". It was likely during this time that Hrdlicka Café became a small convenience store: the Piknik Pantry (marked as "2" on the map below).

The laundromat and printing press listed were listed as "803 Luther" on the directory, and it was likely the building (also gone) that was behind the Piknik Pantry.

At some point, the Piknik Pantry changed hands and started serving Chinese take-out as well. Piknik Pantry survived well into the 1990s even as Fish Richards and the other businesses of Fugate's disappeared from the corner.
See below regarding "1", 803 Wellborn.

By the 1980s, the (now gone, unfortunately) house at the corner of Luther Street and Wellborn (labeled as "1" on the map) was converted into a restaurant. This was Fish Richards Half-Century House, serving a variety of good meats and good wines.

Notice that I had mixed up 2 & 3...#3 is the convenience store.

Piknik Pantry & Chinese Food (name confirmed from old phone books and directories) was where my dad picked up this for work several times, and it was (possibly) the first Chinese food I ever had. It probably wouldn't pass modern Brazos health inspections today, though.

At some point prior to the 1990s, there was a dive bar in that area ("The Peanut Gallery"), just south of it.

Apparently the reason that Fish Richard's closed was due to a divorce by the couple that owned it, but the building burned down soon after nonetheless (though some ads in the final days of FR's mention that Fish Richard's was looking for a new place). The other interesting aspect is that the Amoco station seen above was the Piknik Pantry and had a different facade at the time. Should I be surprised it had pumps at one time?

Here's an update regarding the building 1, referred to 803 Wellborn even in 1980 (confusing, right?). What was once the printing press and laundromat was home to Fish Richards Bakery, which sold a variety of baked goods all day, every day (except Sunday afternoons). I read somewhere (but lost the source) that this was the original supplier for Subway when it came into town in the early 1980s. Ad can be found here.

Feel to free to leave comments on anything related in this post.

EXTRA NOTE 11-13-13: Looking through directories revealed there was another Chinese restaurant owned by the same owner (Sing Lee, 3030 E. 29th Street)

Updated June 2014 with additional information about Fish Richard's and the bakery.

Minor Update in February 2019 in preparation for revamping the page