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Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Original Mess Hall

Although not a simple outbound link in "The Week of Updates", this is not new content and will be renamed and sorted back into the index. This is to clear out space for "Aggie Food" becoming a "Special Collection".

I put this one on here because of a few reasons, one, it's the first building dedicated to feeding Aggies, two, it's a cool building, and had one of the shortest lifespans of any TAMU building, with just 13 years standing when it was built in 1898 and burning to the ground in 1911 (and then Old Main caught fire about a year later...yikes). It was located somewhere on modern-day Jones Street (dorms and the walkways between them are what replaced it) if my sources are correct. Two pictures are below, the first of them being from an architecture magazine from 1897, which shows the layout of the building and the only rendering of the building in color. Both are from, with the rendering and the picture from iamtheglove and Harry Lime, respectively.

You may notice there's a small upper level in the building above the kitchen: that was where Bernard Sbisa actually lived, and his home and possessions were destroyed in that 1911 fire.

It was replaced by Sbisa a block away. That link is where you'll find out more on Sbisa Dining Center and the Underground Food Court.

Today, there's another hall in the spot...McFadden Hall. There's a plaque outside that commemorates it. It sure is a shame that it burned, as I think it's architecturally nicer than Sbisa, and with some additional improvements over the years (maintaining the fine appearance, though) it could be an iconic campus building and a great place to eat. Of course, that would still get the Northside crowd, the outsourced food (not that Sbisa food was particularly amazing prior), but no Underground. Or it's possible that the Mess Hall wouldn't get expanded (only remodeled) and there would be more places to eat overall.