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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Through Campus

Way back in January 2011, I told of "The Wellborn Way", a "Roads" focused post (back when the site's name was College Station Roads and Retail) that was to describe Wellborn in incredible detail. Unfortunately, I never made more than two segments (Bryan and TAMU), the latter of which was released in September 2011 as "The Wellborn Way (Part 2): TAMU". Eventually, the entire thing was planned to go live as one post, until I decided to forget it and rework what I had into separate posts. I combined the first part into a much smaller post about the underpass at Villa Maria and eventually this post is what remains of Part 1. The last part (the "End of Wellborn Road" in Navasota) was eventually released as well, but not of the Wellborn Way.

This was Part 2, which I took offline and eventually updated on June 28, 2012.

Campus "begins" at the George Bush Drive intersection and ends at University, with speed limit 35 miles per hour.

The George Bush stoplight has been in place in the early-mid 1990s, though an older one was in place prior to that.

The rest of Wellborn has changed over the years. First off, the railroad wasn't always all gated off and such nowadays. For example, older aerials and maps have indicated that Wellborn originally curved (there's a curve in Wellborn) even farther out than it does now (might be explained by road-like parking lots near Wellborn on campus and the fact that at the University overpass you face the tracks dead on before the road curves), with the railroad being wider: old photos show there to be several tracks (up to three or four). Up until the late 1990s or early 2000s (basically, prior to the underpass), on the Wellborn side, there was a dusty area between the tracks and Wellborn where you could park your car, most commonly used during football games.
There was originally a concrete patch on the left side of Wellborn near Old Main that was taken out for the overpass construction.

Other than that, there hasn't been too much change to Wellborn, with a few exceptions. Up until the late 1990s (circa 1999), there was the original(?) location of Mt. Aggie, which later became more football practice fields, until those butt-ugly tent things were erected (those occupy a spot near, possibly higher than the Plaza Hotel on my "Buildings That Really Ought to Be Demolished in College Station" list).

And of course, there's John Kimbrough and Joe Routt, which had a pedestrian overpass made of concrete (I think it was called "Rainbow Bridge"). I miss the clearance signs on Wellborn, the rumbling when a train when under it, and of course, the "Wall of Gum" (see the "Most Wanted" tab at the top of this page) in which gum was stuck on the wall (it made a colorful, if slightly disgusting, display).

The University Drive stoplights and overpass were installed sometime in the 1960s, but was completely overhauled in late 2011 and early 2012. Similarly, the Old Main intersection went through MAJOR changes in early 2012, moving the railroad and Wellborn Road for a new railroad bridge and underpass construction. To me, the best part of it was the large clearance between the road and the railroad (enough to fit a bus), with the oversized Botts' dots on the side between the railroad and Wellborn. And of course, the many Aggies who crossed through walking, biking, or other modes of transportation.

Overall, going through campus is a pain these days, and my childhood memories of it rapidly disappearing, but it is an important part of campus, whether hated or loved.

EDIT 1 July 4th 2012: I found an image of University Drive's underpass from Project HOLD.