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Brazos Buildings & Businesses is a historical (with commentary!) blog about the city of Bryan-College Station. Keep in mind that the Main Index isn't updated enough as the main site, so check the main page, there may be a post or two that isn't covered here. The blog may be officially "over" (no new posts on the horizon, at least big ones), but currently we're undergoing some "quality control".

This is the list of articles "approved" or updated for 2015 (and beyond). This will eventually completely replace the other lists below.

6/14/17: Café Eccell's Former Domain
6/10/17: Gumby's Pizza, Dominik Drive
5/9/17: Falling by the Wayside, A Look at Former Restaurants at 102 Church Avenue
1/9/17: Dominik Drive Whataburger
10/30/16: Veronica's Country Corner
9/19/16: Goodbye to 711 University, So Long to the BB&T...
7/4/16: Leaning Tower Pizza / Primo Pizza / My Daily Bread Bakery
1/22/16: Handy Burger / The Onion Ring / The Deluxe / Chimy's Cerveceria
12/4/15: Pooh's Park, Tinsley's, and Others Replaced by a Shopping Center
11/1/15: The Loupot's Building
10/25/15: 413 Texas Avenue, A Distinctly Former Pizza Inn
9/25/15: 108 College Main
8/30/15: Jimmy Jackson's Exxon
10/11/14: The Burger King at the End (or the Beginning) of Texas Avenue
9/16/14: A Rare Gas Station Revival
9/1/14: The Last Days of the Diamond T Stables
8/28/14: The Nightlife at Doux Chene Apartments
8/20/14: Highway 21 Truck Stop
8/6/14: Barbecue, Catering, and Tires at 2319 Texas Avenue
6/6/14: 301 College Main
3/21/14: H-E-B Pantry / Gattitown / DSW
2/14/14: Ardan Catalog Showroom / Rolling Thunder / Gattiland / Thunder Elite / Planet Fitness
1/22/14: The Last AppleTree
1/9/14: Torchy's Tacos and the Story Behind 1037 Texas Avenue
12/4/13: Post Oak Square, featuring Weingarten
10/30/13: The Rise at Northgate
10/22/13: Shiloh Inn, Now the Days Inn on Texas Avenue
10/16/13: Westgate Center
10/9/13: Fort Shiloh
10/2/13: The Best Little Creamery in Aggieland
9/13/13: The Building Formerly Known as Fitzwilly's
7/22/13: The Grapevine
7/11/13: Wickes Lumber
7/5/13: McDonald's & Blockbuster
6/28/13: Junek's Grocery / Wellborn Grocery
6/27/13: Ken Martin's Steakhouse / Ken Martin's Safari Grille
6/22/13: Furrow Building Materials
6/20/13: 1704 George Bush Drive East (1704 Kyle Avenue South)
6/17/13: Holiday Inn College Station / Four Points by Sheraton
6/5/13: College Station Hilton
6/3/13: Pelican's Wharf / Pasghetti's / Royers' College Station Café / NailSpa
5/30/13: Seafood Mama's / Yum Yums Texas Style / Oxford Street / Steak & Ale
5/28/13: Northgate Chevron
5/27/13: 303 Boyett: Forgettable Mexican Food But Good Beer
5/25/13: The Commons
5/23/13: Before, During, and After Texadelphia
12/3/12: Sbisa Dining Hall
11/3/12: University Apartments
7/7/12: College Station Conference Center
5/31/12: Sunset Gardens
5/28/12: Southwest Crossing
5/12/12: Before (and After) Taste of China
5/11/12: Putt-Putt Golf & Games
8/10/11: Campus Theater
1/28/12: Target College Station
1/22/12: Special Services Building
1/14/12: Tales of Defunct Restaurants at 1045 South Texas Avenue
10/19/11: East 29th and Texas Avenue ~ The Ex-Greyhound
9/10/11: (Formerly) Village Foods
5/31/11: Ramada Aggieland Inn
2/27/11: Parkway Square
1/30/11: From Country Grocery to Living Water Pottery
1/22/11: Wolfe Nursery (Before, During, After)
1/4/11: College Station's Kmart / College Station Shopping Plaza
6/23/10: H-E-B College Station
6/4/10: Randall's / Albertsons

This is the main list of stuff you're looking for. Several of these are in need of updates, and will be moved to the list above when they do. If you don't find what you're looking for, please check the list above.

12/21/14: Kyle Field
12/20/14: The Safeway at the Health Department
12/19/14: Scoates Hall
12/18/14: Zachry Engineering Center: End of an Era
11/23/14: Northpoint Crossing
10/25/14: 4300 Texas Avenue
8/26/14: Alas, Luby's
8/11/14: Newport Condominiums
8/8/14: Palace Theater
7/30/14: The Exxon on Boonville
7/18/14: Post Oak Mall Part 3 - The 1980s and 1990s
7/13/14: Fuego and Other Buildings South of University Drive
7/9/14: Heep Center
6/30/14: Jin's Asian Cafe / Lippman Music
6/25/14: Park Place Plaza
6/22/14: Marion Pugh Drive
6/14/14: North of University Drive and South of Bryan
5/12/14: Townshire Shopping Center
5/9/14: Redmond Terrace Shopping Center / Texas Avenue Crossing
4/30/14: FedMart (Chimney Hill Shopping Center)
4/6/14: Played Out
2/20/14: 104-115 College Main
1/29/14: Reed McDonald Building
1/15/14: Dulie Bell on a Rainy Day
12/15/13: Weingarten Supermarket, Bryan
12/11/13: A Look at Boyett Businesses
11/20/13: Square One
9/6/13: Rosenthal Meat Science Center
8/27/13: Alta Vista Christian Academy
8/21/13: Battle for the Promenade Part One - 301 Patricia
8/5/13: Skaggs Albertsons / Skaggs Alpha Beta / Jewel-Osco / Albertsons
7/31/13: McDonald's at Northgate, The Area's First
7/29/13: Grins at 4410 College Main
7/24/13: Saber Inn
7/17/13: 4405 College Main: Thai Taste, Vietnamese Taste, and a Laundromat
7/14/13: The Captain's Half Shell Oyster Bar / The Boat / Shipwreck Grill
7/12/13: Mr. Gatti's on Northgate / Rao Drive Inn
7/4/13: George Bush Presidential Library & Museum
7/2/13: Brazos Blue Ribbon Bakery in Bryan
7/1/13: Post Oak Mall Part One - The Anchors
6/25/13: G. Rollie White Coliseum and Read Building
6/24/13: Manor House Motor Inn
6/21/13: Old TI Plant
6/19/13: College Station Business Center
6/18/13: Texan Restaurant
6/15/13: The Original Mess Hall
6/8/13: Lester's
6/1/13: Travel Kleen and Summit
5/29/13: The Older Shell at Harvey Mitchell and Villa Maria
5/24/13: Other Buildings Demolished for Northpoint Crossing
5/22/13: First American / Citibank / BB&T at 2818 and Texas Avenue
5/21/13: Taco Bell on University
5/19/13: Heirloom Gardens
5/14/13: Rolling Ridge Grocery
5/11/13: Sparks Building
2/10/13: Villa Maria and Texas Avenue
1/17/13: Ace of Aggieland and Other Stores at Navarro
1/12/13: Church Avenue
1/6/13: Checkers
12/20/12: Manor East Mall
12/14/12: Bryan's Kroger (Family Center)
12/1/12: Texas 707 / 707 Shopping Village
11/26/12: Two Chinese Restaurants and Brazos Square
10/16/12: Culpepper Plaza
9/30/12: Circle Drive-In
9/23/12: Eastgate
9/9/12: The Buildings of Luther Street and Wellborn Road
7/9/12: Grand Station Entertainment / Wolf Pen Bowling / Lowe's
6/22/12: Northgate: University Drive
6/20/12: Der Wienerschnitzel
6/2/12: Ramada Inn / University Tower / Plaza Hotel
5/16/12: At Park Place and Harvey
4/29/12: Memorial Student Center
4/16/12: YMCA Building
2/17/12: The Former Fajita Rita's, The Building of Which Later Burned Down
8/31/11: Dueling Gas Stations at Rock Prairie and Wellborn
8/27/11: Gulf / Chevron at Southgate
2/17/11: The Buildings at Dominik Drive and Texas Avenue
1/17/11: Tom's BBQ and Steakhouse
1/13/11: University Square Shopping Center / Legacy Point
1/5/11: Walmart, Albertsons, and Other Stores

These are the non-building posts updated to the 2013 standard. These used to be called "Side Stories", but I've left them here because they couldn't be upgraded to the current "standards" (at least, not immediately) but not bad enough to discard.
6/6/13: From Badgers to the Light
2/8/13: City of Bryan vs. Shack City
1/4/13: Easterwood Memories
12/17/12: All Hail the Late, Great Madden's Street Cuisine
7/20/12: Bisbee the Cat
6/14/12: Texas 47
1/20/12: The Terrible Food at Blinn
9/30/11: Just Train Crazy
9/26/11: Turkey Creek: FM 2513
9/22/11: George Bush Presidential Library and Museum: The First Ten Years
9/16/11: Texas A&M...OF THE FUTURE!
8/29/11: Commercial Building Permits College Station Late 1980s
8/23/11: Graham Road: History and Mysteries
8/15/11: The Whistle Stopped
7/4/11: The Greatest Freeway That Never Was
5/27/11: Aggie Food (about TAMU food options)
1/2/11: The Actual Koppe Bridge
1/2/11: What We Know of "LoTrak"
12/11/10: Villa Maria Road, Finfeather, and the North End of Wellborn Road
12/7/10: The Disappearing Railroads of Hearne

This was another aborted plan, where they weren't articles but mostly focusing on links around to a specific theme, with some exclusive content themselves.

Stories of the West Loop (deals with FM 2818--includes Mansard House!)
Texas Avenue: The Main Street of the City
The Year in Review - 2012

These were written before I settled on a consistent theme ("the 2013 standards") on the site. Most will be updated or rebranded as "Side Stories", with a few being stripped and becoming "Special Collections", but some I have no idea what to do with, such as Tales of Defunct Restaurants. The [ ] describes how the article needs to be changed, or should be removed entirely. It can also apply to articles I'm just not happy with the information they have, or how it's arranged. There will be at least one [Year In Review] by the end of it. There is one more item that I haven't listed here, will need to add it back later. Do read them all: most are pretty good, they just need help.

12/21/11: Post Oak Mall Superpost [moving to]
9/1/11: Through Campus [will re-focus on the railroad station and pedestrian bridge]
7/28/11: Holleman Drive: A History [unsure]
4/15/11: Around Tejas Center [will be transformed into new Tejas Center post]

There are many more posts that I have posted on this website and later removed. They're not dead links (except for Adamson Lagoon, I took it down before realizing that was a bad idea to just suddenly remove it like that). I used to have a live list hosted on Dropbox, but that no longer works. Things are currently in flux, and the list is available on request. If you see an entry that isn't on this list, it was probably "shadow removed".