Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dulie Bell on a Rainy Day

Another building bites the dust. Built in 1942 as the USDA Building, this building survived just over 70 years before meeting the wrecking ball. While it was definitely a landmark at its prime location at University and Wellborn, it wasn't loved but still operated as classrooms and offices into fall 2013.

While I did go in fall 2013, I didn't take any pictures (to my knowledge and eternal regret), but I enjoyed the "treats" I did find: the bathroom featured separate taps for hot and cold water.

I'm not entirely sure of why they demolished Dulie Bell. It was old, to be certain, but it had gotten a fresh coat of paint and relatively new carpets, and given it was just replaced more parking, there was some serious problem with the building itself that was unable to be fixed without major investment, like plumbing, electrical, or foundation (Special Services Building was razed for that reason, and never utilized again until over a decade later when a basketball court was put there).

Since the front of the building directly fronts the ramps to University and is difficult to get a picture of, I'll have to resort to other pictures. The top one was from the official map of TAMU, the bottom one is from Historic Aggieland.

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Anonymous said...

What a shame! Such a beautiful building! I always liked this place because it had this grand front entrance that abutted the on-ramp between University and Wellborn, it must have been a very different intersection when the building was constructed.

Anonymous said...

I love the angle of this massive building, somehow reminded me of an old High School building. J. Ellisor

Anonymous said...

My sister worked in that building in the 70's. It was a landmark there for as long as I remember. Sad to see it go. J. Donaho