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Friday, June 21, 2013

[Article] TI Plant Closes

The University Services Building (not to be confused with the General Services Complex building at TAMU, nor the Special Services Building) is a thoroughly unimpressive warehouse located in a somewhat secluded area, which I know primarily as the place where you can find lots of animals preserved in glass jars (I went there for a field trip in eighth grade...), but at one time, it actually assembled computers for Texas Instruments (back when they made computers), though TI closed the plant after only about six years (1980-1986).

It's worth noting the Cypress plant wasn't closed in the 1980s after all--it survived into the 1990s, at least...

Friday, February 8, 2013

[Article] City of Bryan vs. Shack City

In 1970, Bryan had 200 buildings scattered around town that had been abandoned for years. Rotting porches, missing windows, and infested with rats, mosquitoes, and fleas. Until that time, there was nothing the city could legally do about it, until the Dangerous Buildings Ordinance was passed, which allowed the city to condemn and tear them down.

While it's true Bryan did decline this time, I'm still wondering about an alternate reality where these lots were never rebuilt and whole neighborhoods ended up looking like Detroit with empty houses on blocks.

I have at least one more update planned, with a handful of other ideas. Stay tuned!