Sunday, October 25, 2015

413 Texas Avenue, A Distinctly Former Pizza Inn

Picture taken late October 2015, shortly before rainclouds rolled in and drenched the town.

Mad Taco, Sunday, October 25, 2015, 11:22 AM
"I have lived here a depressingly long time," I said today to a small group of my friends. "I remember being inside stores that closed over 20 years ago. And that's why I need to get out." Because of this non-getting-out-of-town-ness, I'm still making updates to this site because I can.

On my way out, I spotted the former Pizza Inn, now serving as an insurance office. That could've served as an alternate option as to where we were eating lunch, had it not closed down many years ago as well (more like 30 at this point, at least), which reminded me that I could make, perhaps, another "encore" post out of mostly previously created material.

1970s phone book. It still looks remarkably similar.

The rather ragged-looking "Rodney D. Young Insurance" at 413 Texas Avenue, which looks like a candidate for demolition should something better come along (the Exxon at the corner is constantly being ragged on as being an eyesore in a prime location). It was a Pizza Inn in the late 1960s (Brazos CAD says it was built in 1966) to sometime in the mid-1980s (and I'm not sure when Rodney D. Young came in, since I don't have city directories, only a few phone books).

In the meantime, there have been several posts that have received updates. Check the Index, it's always changing.

EDIT 8-10-2016: In 1989, it was Star Video and by 1993 it was EZ Pawn.