Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Holleman extension

This post is untouched and not removed, a leftover of what this site was before it became what it is now.

The extension of Holleman Drive is underway, and it is rather exciting.

There's a small topic about it at and some PDFs (not a direct link). Anyway, it seems to be going along well.

Here's the plan in a nutshell:

• Saddle Lane will be extended to the road to the east (why I use this term instead of "Jones-Butler" will be revealed in a minute)
• The inner-most left lane of Holleman Drive to Harvey Mitchell Parkway will be turned into a straight lane. Figures, since nearly everyone that goes that way turns on Jones-Butler Rd. anyway.
• There will be sidewalks and streetlights on the new extension.
• It will be four lanes with a median.
• A few new roads will "sprout" off Holleman, including a road called Market Street.
• The intersection with Dowling will have stop signs on four ends, but no left hand lanes.
• Holleman will "bend" into the existing Jones-Butler Road stretch, becoming one-lane and aligning roughly at Saddle Lane.
• Jones-Butler Road from Harvey Mitchell Parkway to Dowling will be closed permanently.
• Jones-Butler Road from Saddle Lane to Rock Prairie Road will be renamed to Holleman Drive.

• The low spot just beyond the stoplight has been filled in.
• Construction vehicles are visible from Dowling, as are various pipes.
• The fence has already been "corner cut" to allow Holleman to come in. The post oak there still stands.
• The new extension will have yield/merge lanes going in and out of Harvey Mitchell. No sign of that, yet.
• The ground has not been cleared near Dowling, yet, though near Harvey Mitchell it's well-smoothed.
• There's a sign near Harvey Mitchell that I took a picture of a few months back (December?) but I don't know where the shot is.
• Looks like the construction does not extend to four lanes, maybe only two lanes with turning lane.

• There will be office-type buildings on the stretch, maybe apartments.
• Jones-Butler Road, once closed, will be "recycled" back into usable space. This will take years, however, so there will be a nice shady unpaved path for some time.
• Speed will be 35 MPH on the extension.
• The roads in the Quail Run are scheduled to be resurfaced soon. Since Saddle Lane will be a detour for a significant road, it will likely be more than just a dirt road: probably tar and gravel, like other Quail Run roads are.
• The adjacent 2818 Place will not have access unless they complete a second phase to connect to it (and that is entirely possible)
• It will turn out to be only two lanes with left hand turn lane.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome to College Station Roads and Retail

Hello! I'm Pseudo3D. I am a native resident of College Station, Texas.

This blog was created as a spin-off of my main blog, Two Way Roads to focus on College Station. Specifically, roads (old and new) and retail (also old and new). Please check back as I add content, including some content that is currently being hosted on Two Way Roads.

P.S. I have worked with Project HOLD last summer, so unless there's something really specific, please don't alert me to its presence, I already know. ;)

As of February 21, 2012, this article is considered obsolete