Friday, April 15, 2011

Around Tejas Center

May 19, 2012 Note: This will remain until I get the new post about Manor East Mall up.

New storefront colors

To the left of Jo-Ann, the former JCPenney

There's a cinder-blocked entrance here. Don't worry, it's much easier to see in real life.

Back of old Wal-Mart

This is the current The Theater Company. Not much activity here now.

Former JCPenney interior entrance.

Looking back toward Montgomery Ward. You can see the old E-W corridor roofs, which have been renovated into in-line space. On my only trip to Manor East in 2000, this area was closed off, and there was a bench right about in front of me.

Settling with our new name and focus, I'll be steadily adjusting some of the older posts (and getting rid of the index page) to fit the new feel of the site. I might change the background picture too, to something more Texan. Anyway, I drove around Tejas Center on April 7, and took these pictures.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Interstate 45 West

Today, College Station Roads and Retail has just gotten exclusive information on "Interstate 45 West". Details are sparse, but TxDOT has just informed me of an exciting new road in College Station that will be going on the current Highway 6 bypass. Here's some exciting details I caught:

- Highway 6 between Navasota and Hempstead will be maintained, the new highway will bypass it to the west. Rumors of the existing road becoming a "scenic route" are currently unconfirmed.
- US-290 will be upgraded as previously planned but resigned to I-45 West.
- It will bypass Waco, however, there will be a highway directly leading I-45W to Waco.
- While US-290 still ends at the 610 loop, I-45 West will be either double-decked on top of the 610 loop or run underground (plans pending), and connect to US-59.
- Parts of I-45 will be toll roads to pay for the construction. This is likely for the Navasota-Hempstead part.

Either way, it's still an exciting prospect! Tune in soon! (see the Blog Archive to access the main index, third link down)

(and in case you didn't notice, April Fool's)