Wednesday, June 5, 2013

College Station Hilton

This was taken in October 2015, and it was actually a lot darker than this, but the flash wasn't on.

The Hilton opened in May 1985 (confirmed), and unlike the Ramada Inn a few miles down, survives today as a Hilton. Plaza Café became Bell Ranch Steakhouse later. Personally, even accounting for inflation (about $109 today), that sounds great, especially in October 1985 (football weekends). And they include alcohol and a gift basket as well? Not bad, not bad at all!

I have no idea what became of Sundance, though. Additional history (renovations, etc.) is always appreciated...though I do believe it renovated at least twice to some extent.

801 University Drive East

updated july 30 2013 to amend opening, updated 2015 to add new photo


Anonymous said...

After living in CS for two decades, I think I've only been inside that hotel twice! Funny to think about it, but locals probably never really get to know hotels unless they work there.

Anonymous said...

I'm betting they boost the $$$ on Aggie football weekends. Most places do. It's all in the fine print & the fast-talking on audio ads.

Still enjoying all the good stuff you put together. Thanks!

Jim in Houston

Anonymous said...

Sundance was a nightclub on the Tarrow side of the building. During my time as a student, 89-93, it operated as a comedy club on Thursday nights.

Thursday comedy nights were popular with students because they served a drink called the Aggie Pile Driver. Basically it was just a really strong trashcan punch. You could buy a Pile Driver for $5 and it came in a 32 oz plastic mug with Sundance and Aggie Pile Driver printed on the side. Refills were only about $1.50 and you could bring the mug back week to week. Strong, cheap drinks and some decent comedians, though I don't recall any big names performing, always had the place packed with students on Thursdays.

Anonymous said...

I too was a student during this time period (86-90) and remember Sundance well.

I've been trying to find the true Pile Driver recipe for a few years and have had no luck.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone happen to know the actual Pile Driver recipe? I haven't been able to find it (or perfect it) for years.

Pseudo3D said...

Piledrivers usually involve prune juice, orange juice and vodka. Since I wasn't around in the 1980s, I can't tell you for certain. I could try asking around, but can't guarantee results.