Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Saber Inn

Saber Inn had a restaurant as well.

We mentioned Saber Inn with the Grapevine the other day, so it's high time we got started on this.

Sadly, if it wasn't for the fact that this had an attached restaurant that advertised to more than just who stayed at the hotel (Holiday Inn advertised the Mongolian House, later incarnations like Bronco's or Beckendorf's, not so much), we might not have known as much about it. Saber Inn (which, by the way, didn't have the Grapevine inside of it) was never very large. Its address was 701 Texas Avenue (a detail that didn't get in the scan for whatever reason), which is the same pad that Taco Cabana sits on nowadays. Thing was, the pad that Saber Inn sat on was the same size as Taco Cabana, which is of course quite small. I don't know when Taco Cabana showed up or when Saber Inn was razed...I'm guessing that it was built at the same time Two Pesos (a suspiciously similar Taco Cabana knockoff chain, which closed all stores after a successful lawsuit) closed. Two Pesos (not "Dos Pesos", as previously thought) wasn't located too far away (it was at the former Fitzwilly's).

EDIT 6/9/14: I discovered that by 1983, Saber Inn was gone and replaced with "Baker Street Restaurant & Bar".

Further Edit (7/24/14): Saber Inn lasted from 1957 to 1982. It had a clover-leafed swimming pool as well. Cleaned up post a bit and linked back to the Fitzwilly's post, but that's in need of a revamp too.

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Anonymous said...

IIRC, Two Pesos and Taco Cabana co-existed for a brief period of time before TP closed. The only thing I remember about it was feeling totally sick after eating there.