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Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Development!

They, being the City of College Station Planning commission, released the list of new things coming to town!

Let's take a look.

Great Oaks Phase 1A: Still stuck in Phase 1A, Great Oaks is adding three new homes. The reason it's still in 1A was an ambitious (and evil) plan to map out that entire area with high-density townhomes and dump traffic into nearby neighborhoods (instead of major streets).

The Plaza at College Station: The final name of the Plaza Hotel redevelopment ("Plaza at College Station", really? "Lofts" would've been better)

The Barracks II: Apparently The Barracks is going back all the way to Haupt Road.

Wolfies: Another chain restaurant. Anyone heard of this place?

Old Arrington Road: Abandonment! It looks like that that torn-up section may get the axe.

Cottages of College Station: 3.5 acres? 3400 Market Street? Looks like that mysterious unmarked area to the northwest of their plan will be retail after all! They even referred it as "Market Street", like the original Holleman extension PDF (from early 2009, no less) referred it as!