Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Big List of Road Closures, Renames, and Rerouting

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First One of the Day

- I noticed Villa Maria Rd. E. was repaved. This meant the removal of all the Botts dots, even the giant one. I like the new smooth road, but I miss the bumpiness of the dots as I moved into the turn lane to go into Blinn. On a related note, I was the first to go over the new stop lane from the turn lane. I saw them install it.

- They're painting the former Bahama Buck's maroon metal parts yellow. It may be an Eskimo Hut: there was a sign on there that last October they applied for a liquor license.

- Holleman Drive is now open from Saddle to North Dowling. Yay!

- Speaking of Holleman, at least that new development off of Marion Pugh kept some trees near the railroad in place. I like those trees.

- First customer of the month at Antonio's Pizza by the Slice. I should win an award. Walking around the Northgate area, I start getting ideas on how to improve the area. Be prepared to see something regarding that tomorrow.