Sunday, November 23, 2014

Northpoint Crossing

It's only fair that I do this token attempt (a photo!), since I've been building up to it for a few years now.

I don't "owe" it to my readers since I don't owe you anything, but here it is: real pictures of Northpoint Crossing for your amusement. While it was designed to be an urban mixed-use destination, due to the limited parking and somewhat awkward location, there aren't very many retail tenants here, and it's doubtful they'd survive either. Construction began in 2013 about a year after the demise of the Plaza Hotel and opened -for residents- in 2014.

Right now, there will be just four more new posts: three of them will mostly redirect to off-site links, and the final one to conclude a grand finale to the blog. And that will be it. Well, unless someone wants to take control and "uncancel" the blog. However, the chance of that is unlikely.