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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Actual Koppe Bridge

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Today, most people associate "Koppe Bridge" as one of the tasty local hamburger joints in town, but at one time, it was an actual bridge.

The problem? It's gone. Totally.

Here the bridge is in the 1960s.

That's not an eye trick, the bridge has literally twisted and was condemned.

But surely there must be some remnant left. After all, the support columns of I&GN railroad are still on the Navasota River, right?

Right, so there must be remains. Not so: I've combed up and down the Brazos River and can't find any trace of it, at least on Google Earth.

A map reveals the location of the bridge, so it must be right here (ignore the mislabeling, they screwed up Penberthy's location in the past). The other side of the bridge must have gone up the other side and gotten back to FM 50.

Shame they condemned it, it would be cool to have some backwoods/backdoor entrance to Brazos County, and an old-timey steel truss bridge at that.

Realistically, though, if it DID survive, I think it would probably be transformed into a walking path nonetheless, much like bike paths that go through nowhere only because the path was an old railroad right-of-way.

UPDATE 2/6/11: The Koppe Bridge website (for the restaurant) claims they incorporated some timbers from the original bridge. However, they also claim that the bridge was destroyed in the 1920s, when it at least was intact into the 1960s. And since the restaurant opened in 1992, who knows how they acquired it?

UPDATE 3/18/11: With the latest Google Maps update, you can see much more of where the bridge was. The previous picture, taken in early 2010, was taken during a very wet year. The current photo now was in October 2011, when the drought was in full effect. Still doesn't look like much.

UPDATE 5/15/13: Google Maps has the Brazos flowing better. Looks like some trees are caught on something...and they haven't changed the wrong road name on there!