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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Year in Review - 2012

I hope I can find more information so I can do "time warp" articles, but here goes. Links to appropriate IA&ABV links are provided, as well as a few others.

In February, a flood happened, seemingly as penance after the terrible 2011 drought. Notably, the YMCA floods (just after a renovation, too) and the former Fajita Rita's/Las Lomas building burns down.

In April, Friday afternoon shoppers were shocked and frightened as a gunshot was heard in the College Station Walmart. While such a thing is relatively common in big-city Wal-Marts (after all, in Austin, a drunk man in a Walmart had killed an officer with a semi-automatic weapon earlier that month).
The MSC also re-opened, welcoming students back to the Flag Room and a real bookstore, plus all-new eating options (which were promptly ruined when the outsourcing happened in the next two months).

In late May, thousands of people from all over the city came and watched as the area's tallest building, the Plaza Hotel was imploded. This alone would've been the one of the biggest stories of the year, until August 13, 2012, when Constable Brian Bachmann was shot and killed by Thomas Caffall in the West Park subdivision. Before Caffall was shot by police, Caffall killed another College Station resident and seriously injured another.

Afterwards, A&M went on to clean house in the SEC thanks to a combination of a good coach and good players (just think of us in the Big 12! We could've won even more).

Other highlights and lowlights:
• Northgate received a significant makeover, closing off College Main to vehicular traffic (and rebuilding the rest), adding medians, a wall between the University Drive bars and the street, plus taking an abandoned bank to a large under construction apartment.
• University Square started to undergo a transformation to Legacy Point: it started by taking out the long-abandoned Albertsons, but displacing a number of businesses, including Fat Burger and Hebert's Cajun Food. That summer, another cajun restaurant was lost when Crazy Cajuns' closed after changing hands another time (it was located in the parking lot).
• On August 21st, 2012, College Station received a Panera Bread for the first time. Earlier that summer, people packed the new Freddy's Frozen Custard in Bryan, proof positive there's not enough things to do in this town.
• High schools were in the news: A&M Consolidated High School did an interior remodel and College Station High School opened on Victoria Avenue.
College Station Conference Center was condemned (it played a small role in the eventual creation of this blog).
Bisbee passes away.
The Cottages of College Station opens, along with University Heights, plus the expansion of the Barracks. While we have yet to see that wakeboard park they promised, Holleman Drive South traffic has increased.
• Sonic closes at the mall, just after its renovation. Flip & Peel Burgers & Fries opened afterwards, which was more expensive than Sonic, lacked the large menu, "Happy Hour", and cherry limeades, but it's better food overall.
• George Bush Presidential Library and Museum became 15 years old with no fanfare.
• A bomb threat forced evacuation of the A&M campus the day before the LSU game. While this did not garner a post on this blog, I did post something on it at my "main" blog, Carbonizer. Ultimately, it resulted in two arrests (one of whom was not the person), lost time for students and faculty, and a huge boost in any businesses immediately outside of campus. Any bar or restaurant that was open at noon must have had more than enough business to make up for any slow day that week.
• Spring brought a bunch of new restaurants. In Bryan, Chicken Express opens in the spring at the old Burger King location. This was the Burger King at the old bus station. Other restaurants open during that time included Daily Ruckus (a fried food place on Northgate) and the opening of Fowl Digits, kicking off "Chicken Strip Row". Something was "fowl" with their business plan, so they eventually revamped the restaurant and renamed it as Sully's Sports Bar & Grill, which is doing markedly better. Lupe Tortilla opened in the old Red Lobster. Haiku Sushi renamed to "Kobe Steak & Sushi". The Sodolak's on University closed but was replaced with "Rooster's Country Dinner House" by year end. Wolfies opened near the mall. Lanna Thai opened in Bryan. The Tower Point area received many new eateries that spring as well, including a new location of McDonald's, Taco Bell, and a Chick-fil-A. Tony Roma's and The Original Fried Pie Shop (renamed Nana's Fried Pies) both closed.
• Guitar Center opened in the old University Drive Circuit City.
• Seafood Mama's burned down in early summer. The building, which once held Oxford Street, is never renovated post-fire and was unceremoniously razed a few months later.
• In December, Johnny "Johnny Football" Manziel wins the Heisman trophy, with the biggest coverage on the newspaper since September 11th.

No doubt this year was full of events!

Please feel free to post anything related that happened this year, and come back in 2013, where we will have many more articles to post!