Q: Why is this blog called csroadsandretail, when I see so much that isn't College Station or retail?
It's an artifact name, like how MTV isn't really "music television" anymore. For a while this site was named "In, Around, and About Brazos Valley", and there may still be references hanging around there in reference to that fact.

Q: So tell me about Brazos Buildings & Businesses. What's it about?
I created this website in 2010 to showcase the roads and retail about my town (hence, that's why the URL is csroadsandretail), until I expanded it to general history and a greater focus on buildings.

Most of the information here is either what I remember or what I've researched. I have used photos here that are not my own and should not be credited to me.

Q: Are there any errors in this blog? (or, "I noticed an error in your blog!")
I try to make this as error-free if possible: if you notice an inconsistency of what really happened, leave a comment, and I'll correct it. Naturally, any source is bound to have errors; don't make legal decisions based after this site.

Q: Do you make any money from this site?
No. I never made a dime off of it, at least not yet.

Q: Didn't there used to be a forum?
Yeah, but it never took off. I think it maybe had 2 members besides me. I had in mind this grand idea to displace MyBCS as the premier site for College Station and its popularity to outstrip even the main blog. Well, that never happened unfortunately. I never took the forum down, but it's defunct for all intents and purposes.

Q: Can I send you a guest article?
Click here for more information.

Q: How long have you lived in the area?
The clues are all there, see if you can't determine that for yourself...

Q: There was an article here prior to 2013, what happened to it?
This happened a lot in the 2013 revamp. The only ones gone were really bad and outdated. A few were changed after that, but stuff doesn't get removed anymore.

Q: Hey! When you were reviewing [Article X] you left out [Tenant Y].
I know that some of the buildings I review do have gaps in them. There are going to be things that are skipped over if I don't know or can back them up. In the meantime, leave a comment and we can fix it.

Q: Can I request you cover something?
Yes. Just email me!

Q: How do I cite this stuff for a school paper?
Email me and we'll go from there.

Q: Do you remember [x]/Can you look up [x] for me?
A few people have asked me specific questions, most of which have been answered or discussed in private emails. Give me a few days...

Q: Why do some posts cover multiple buildings, while others don't?
It was a result of flip-flopping over several years. Sometimes it was "here's a street, let's examine all the disparate businesses on it", sometimes it was "here is a very specific building", and a bunch in between. The current system tends to favor single-building posts but that's not always the case, usually when the sites were once part of common ownership or have been collected under common ownership. Examples include the defunct Shell station being thrown in with the Whataburger post. There was also a time when I attempted to cover houses (this was in the phase I was trying to emulate Arch-ive, and even discussed a merger at one point), that went over like a lead balloon.

Q: What's the deal with an article on a few dead restaurants in Houston?
It was an ill-fated attempt to expand the blog beyond its boundaries and cover additional items. Fearing the purpose of the site would be diluted, that was soon put an end to. Before the first "site renovation" in 2013, there were articles on places like Hearne and Madisonville.

Q: Isn't most of this stuff on TexAgs/MyBCS?
When this blog was younger, a lot of stuff did come from MyBCS/TexAgs posts. In all cases, it's credited, and most of the modern stuff cannot be found elsewhere easily. It's not like they actually read it, though.

Q: What's your real name?
A few people know my real name, but I don't publicize it.

Q: I'd like to run the blog!
I approached several people about running the blog after I left (this was several months ago), but no one stepped forward. If you want to actually run it, contact me, and send samples of your work. As co-editor, you'll receive access to unpublished photos and can redesign the site.

Q: Why do some post titles not line up with the URL?
Over time, I've updated and reformatted posts, including streamlining titles.

Q: Can you cover my business here?
I would consider that advertising, so please email me for further information.

Q: Why is there not more Bryan stuff?
As the original name of this website indicates, it is focused on College Station, where I grew up. Thus a lot of the content has always skewed toward familiar businesses and places of my youth. I've thought of adding more Bryan content, but I also take photos nowadays, and it's harder to add well-researched locations.

last updated July 2020