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Brazos Buildings & Businesses (since 2013, formerly College Station Roads & Retail, then "In, Around, and About the Brazos Valley" from 2011 to 2013) is a blog based in Blogspot, though hasn't been about exclusively about College Station, roads, or retail for some time. It's about (mostly) buildings, as they tell a story about the town itself. Newest articles go on the main page, while older articles can be found in the index. Some people may be familiar with the way blogs work, and some don't. If you're the latter, don't worry, here's two tips:

1. To see other articles like the one you just read, just click on one of the hyperlinked items on the bottom of the post. It'll show other articles similar to it (newest article first).

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Here's some helpful links depending on what you're looking for...

Old Ags: What was this building known as when you went to A&M? G. Rollie hosted some pretty big acts in the day. The MSC has changed since you went there. Reminisce on what was.

Grew up in Bryan in the 1970s? Wanna see the old Lester's? Learn about defunct fine restaurants, or maybe Manor East Mall?

Or you are interested in your town or at least the place where you're studying? Did you know that...

...a mysterious empty spot south of the College Station was a garden center that burned down 30 years ago?
...the apartments formerly known as Doux Chene Apartments once had an upscale restaurant inside?
...the Torchy's Tacos building is over half a century old?
...that there was no pharmacy or drug store in Northgate for fifteen years?

If those aren't your picks, there's more for you to love. With over 200+ articles in the current archives (and always growing), you can indulge in old photos, advertisements, or memories...or check the map for a new way to view the blog.