Monday, June 21, 2021

Sodolak's on Highway 21

"Where the locals eat" is surprisingly on-point this time, as opposed to some obvious tourist trap. Picture by author, May 2021.

This opened in 1985 as The Red Bandana, a similar steakhouse (I have a late 1990s ad as simply "Red Bandana", as it was later officially known, but that didn't make it into the first edition of this post), but by 2004 it re-opened as Sodolak's Beefmasters.

I'm not sure of Sodolak's Beefmasters relation to Sodolak's Original Country Inn in Snook, but in any case, both operate today (Sodolak's Beefmasters also operated a location briefly in our part of FM 60, where Paolo's currently is, following the demise of T-Bone Jones). Between 2012 and 2016, the Beefmasters name was dropped.

Here is the Google Street View of the building at 3500 East Highway 21, while the photos below are mine from October 2019 presented without comment (though I think the Dallas Police Narcotics badge is pretty cool).

Editor's Note: You can see the Chevron in one of those shots here. Further west (past Bryan), you can see Smetana Grocery immortalized on the website.