Wednesday, May 22, 2013

First American Bank at FM 2818 and Texas Avenue

Sorry I don't have a real picture for this one. (Source: The Eagle microfilm).

Part of the Don Adam bank group, First American Bank opened at the northeast corner of FM 2818 (yes, that was the official name at the time) and Texas Avenue (2717 Texas Avenue South) on January 31, 1994, and was converted to Citibank in 2005. In June 2014, the bank was rebranded (again) to BB&T following a sale of some Citibank properties affecting the local stores. In early 2022, it was rebranded once more to Truist following BB&T's merger with SunTrust Bank. Other than the four signs it has worn over the years, it still looks identical as it did to its opening 30 years ago (on the outside, at least).

UPDATE 04-26-2024: Post revived and accounted for Truist.